Finish the Wall provides a project coordinator who is on-site throughout the duration of the project. This person works closely with the partnering organization and has been intimately involved with all the planning and details of the project.

Below, are the duties of a Finish the Wall project coordinator.

  • Organized the environment, acquires materials, confirms transportation, and troubleshoots anything before the project begins
  • Conducts an orientation for all team participants
  • Handles daily briefings with teams
  • Trains team members in construction-related work assignments

Team Participants

There are no specific skills required for someone to participate in a Finish the Wall project. God brings teams together that have the skills and abilities needed for the tasks at hand on any given week.

The following are a few things that participants need to know before they commit to a project:

  • Each participant must complete a Finish the Wall waiver form
  • Each participant must possess a passport that is no closer than 6 months from expiration
  • Each participant is responsible for raising the money for the trip in its entirety

*No alcohol is allowed during the trip